Friday, 20 July 2012

Taxidermy Rangers

Rangers are Dead

Friday the 13th July.

The Taxidermized Rangers have been accepted into the Scottish Football League and it looks like they will begin in the 3rd tier of Scottish football.

Taxidemized is a kind of appropriate word to use in this whole debacle. For the past 5 months since I started following this story the Rangers fans truly have had the wool pulled over their eyes.

On my last blog post I explained how the money was being siphoned out of Ibrox back to TicketUs.

I explained this to a Rangers supporter and to my astonishment he turned and said, "I still think Charles Green is the man for the job".

This might explain the mentality of a Rangers fan.

It is very true that if a lie is told over and over, it can become the truth. This is what had happened to the Rangers fans through 20 years of David Murray feeding the main stream media the scraps from his plate. Through the 'good reporting' that was perceived to be happening this was only a facade for what was going on in the background, Armageddon. Even when it was reported that Murray's empire was on the verge of  collapse the Rangers fans were that brainwashed they thought it was scaremongering, jealousy because 'they were the people' the best, the establishment. How wrong they were.

You see there is something far deeper imbedded within the mortar that holds Ibrox together.

I remember being told when I was young that if Rangers cant beat you on the park they'll kick you off it. Rangers signed players like Hurlock, Butcher, Hately, Muscat and 2 seasons ago they signed El Hadji Diouf who Neil Wornock described as lower than a sewer rat.

Since that days that Rangers embarked on a Non Catholic signing policy they have been frowned upon by every club they play.

Andy Goram said in his book that John Brown told another player that if he seen his Crucifix again he'd shove it up his arse.

That's why Rangers fans flocked along to Ibrox to see John Brown's embarrassing address to them with his audacious plan to take control of Rangers. Swearing and threatening talk which is right up their street.

This is sectarian bullying which has been deep rooted in the Ibrox turf for years.

That's why Andy Goram is much loved by Rangers fans. Yes he was a good keeper but so was Chris Woods but Goram has friends in the Northern part of Ireland which is right up their street.

When Mark Hateley opened a pub in Renfrew he invited Goram to meet and greet the regulars. He told his story about Racially abusing Pierre Van Hooijdonk when he saved his penalty, again right up their street.

This is why Rangers are associated with the like of the BNP, NF, EDL, SDL.

When these groups were handing flyer's out outside Ibrox Rangers did very little as they didn't want to rock the boat and upset the bigots.

When I was at Hampden on Friday there were a small group of Rangers fans which had gathered outside the main steps. There was much debate between fans (Rangers, Celtic, Dundee Utd, Hibs, ICT) and press which was good to see, toing and froing on the latest news coming out of Hampden or Twitter.

What I didn't like was when Alex Thomson arrived he was verbally abused. Once one started that was it!

Begging Bowls, Bible Thumper's, English Bastard, Bawbag, Tit. This was men and woman wearing Rangers attire.

One man was wearing a Black and Red scarf which signifies the colours of Govan were Rangers play. He explained that "we used to be up to our knees in it, now were up to our necks in it". In reference to "fenians blood". Murdered Catholics blood.

I asked another who he had more respect for, David Murray or Neil Lennon? He said "David Murray, he's one of us".

There was a certain pack mentality as more Rangers fans arrived and I had to leave the vicinity as it wasn't pleasant and the police had arrived. It was the pack mentality that can be seen at Orange walks. This is all learned behaviour over generations of hatred of a different kind thats why they say "we are the people". They don't know what else to say. I visualise a Multi coloured Penguin walk at Edinburgh zoo.

Now that their team looks destined for the 3rd division the pack siege mentality has turned to ignorance, vengence and misunderstanding to the acceptance of rules. If that's what Rangers fans want people to think they are better in Division 3.

In the word of Andy Goram "be careful what you wish for as it might just come true!", well we did Andy and it did come true. Good Bye.

Footnote; This sums up everything I feel having grown up 500 yards from Ibrox Stadium and suffered first hand.

Thanks Phil.

Rangers are dead.

I will not pretend that writing that sentence did not give me great pleasure.

It did.

I am glad that they are dead.

All of my life this “Scottish institution” was a powerful symbol that I was, by accident of birth, born into a country where I was not wanted and not valued.

If city rivals Celtic are an iconic manifestation of the existence of Glasgow’s Irish community then Rangers came to symbolise xenophobia and hatred of my people.

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