Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The life support machine of Ibrox

So today Sevco Scotland have changed their name to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders took place at Ibrox to vote on the new name, well it's not a new name, well it is and it isn't a new name.

I've said that a few times over the summer!

So Charles Green never hid the fact that the company that was basically running The Rangers was called Sevco 5088.

But who are really behind Sevco 5088.

In my blog;  http://thedemiseofrangersinpictures.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/pictures-from-around-ibrox-stadium.html I explained how the money was being siphoned back to Ticketus through a network of different companies all associated with one and other and that the intricacy of the web would confuse some people.

Well i tried my best to describe it in lay mans terms and I'll try do the same with this.

How the money is being drip fed into Ibrox to keep it alive.

Sevco 5088 Limited are registered at,

35 Vine Street

This is the address of Law firm, Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW).

Now it is known that Charles Green instructed FFW to conduct the CVA negotiations which ultimately failed to be approved.

Sevco 5088 are still registered at the above address.

Now if we take a closer look at FFW. They are Legal advisers to a company called Access Intelligence.

Access Intelligence major shareholder is Octopus, the company that own Ticketus.



People have been asking "where are they getting the money from?" Quite simply, Octopus. (Ticketus)

Remembering that Octopus own a very large part of Access Intelligence who's advisers are Field Fisher Waterhouse who Charles Green employed to negotiate the CVA this would highly suggest that this is the money 'in' route.

Also remembering that Octopus are major shareholder in Zeus who have two guys (Brian Stockbridge and Imran Ahmed) on the board, it reiterates that Octopus have more legs under the table than a lot of people think.

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