Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ticketus own The Rangers

First up how the money is being siphoned out of Ibrox back to Ticketus.

The motivation to invest £5.5 million into a club which you have no conceivable interest in has baffled people all over Scotland ever since Charles Green intimated that he wanted to take control of Rangers football club.

Some think £5.5 million seems to be a bargain now that the club has been liquidated but at the time when Charles Green came onto the scene it was potentially a £140 million money pit. Green was still intent on purchasing the club through a CVA but with a paltry offer of £8.7 million for creditors, some would say a deliberate low offer to induce the Liquidation of the club thus ridding Charles Green of the HMRC bill.

So Charles Green bought the assets of Rangers football club for £5.5 million and started a new company called Sevco 5088 which will operate from the premises which used to house Rangers football club.

So the question is still, what is Charles Greens motivation?

First of all Octopus Investments are the parent company of Ticketus. Ticketus are the company who were left £26 million out of pocket when Craig Whyte put Rangers into Administration. Ticketus were Rangers second biggest creditors (first being HMRC) when Rangers went into Administration.

Octopus are investors in the company Zeus Capital who are running Sevco 5088 with Charles Green.

Let me bring to your attention Imran Ahmed and Brian Stockbridge.

Imran Ahmed founded and was Chief Executive of a company Allenby Capital Limited. Brian Stockbridge worked as a nominated adviser at Allenby Capital.

Allenby Capital were brokers and advisers for Octopus on numerous occasions in different business transactions. 

On January 2012 Brian Stockbridge joined Zeus Capital and in April 2012 Imran Ahmed also joined Zeus Capital. On the 14th of June Charles Green bought the assets of Rangers and installs these two guys to help run Sevco 5088.

How does Charles Green fit into the Octopus/Zeus cog?

Charles Green is the only man in the whole equation that has any back ground in football or sports when it comes to business in all of this.

Zeus Capital worked with Charles Green when he was at Sheffield United.
Zeus worked with Charles Green when he disposed of Sports Management company, Gresham PE. Now Formation Group.

Remembering that Octopus are financial backers of Zeus Capital and Zeus are nominated advisers and brokers for Octopus there is only one man for the job. Charles Green. And the job is? Getting the Ticketus money back.

It was very recently announced that Sevco 5088 will be using Metro Bank as their banking facility as RBS refused an arrangement with Sevco 5088 and Fast Pay a direct debit company. I believe this to be bullshit.

Octopus will get their money back...............

Through a company called Caerus Wealth.  

Their Group Investment Director is Ronan Kearney who is also the Venture Fund manager at Octopus Investments.

Their Chairman and CEO is Keith Carby who is the founder and Non Executive Director of Metro Bank.
(return of the friendly bank manager)

Octopus get their money without the Sevco 5088 (t)rangers fans even knowing it. Once the money is recouped, Green, Ahmed and Stockbridge sell the assets and that's their bonus. 

Or if an offer comes in that covers all cost and monies its a quick sale and thanks for the £memories£.

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