Thursday, 25 April 2013

Craig Whyte has the deeds Bomber.

John 'Bomber' Brown has been asking for the past 10 months, "where's the title deeds"?

Who knows.

Charles Green and Imran Ahmad have left the big house. Of the original Sevco 5088 consortium only Brian Stockbridge is left. He is the finance director at Ibrox and is seen by many as the quiet one with the brains.

Last Year Brian Stockbridge started 2 new companies, Stockbridge Capital Limited and Stockbridge Capital Investment Limited.

We will concentrate on Stockbridge Capital Limited.

Stockbridge Capital Limited is an English based company incorporated in March 2012.

Stockbridge Capital Limited

Registered Address

Brunel House
Firecrest Court, Centre Park
United Kingdom

This is the address of Brooksons. They are specialist accountant for contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals.

Brooksons are also partners of Jordans.

Jordans of Jordans Nominees Scotland Limited.

Jordans Nominees Scotland Limited was the company that set up Wavetower Limited (The Rangers FC Group Limited) for Craig Whyte.

Wavetower had hold of the floating charge over the assets of Rangers.

Brian Stockbridge used Brookson to set up his company Stockbridge Capital Ltd, Inc on 6th of March 2012. Brooksons are partners with Jordans. Jordans is the company Craig Whyte used to set up Wavetower who had the floating charge over the assets of Rangers.

Ask yourself this, Brian Stockbridge set up a company Stockbridge Capital Investment Ltd, Inc 20 Feb 2012 based in Glasgow, Scotland only for 3 weeks later to sets up another company Stockbridge Capital Ltd, Inc 6 March 2012 based with Brooksons, England, the partners of Jordans. Why?

Who do you think has the deeds now?

Rangers>Brian Stockbridge>Brookson>Jordans>Wavetower>Craig Whyte


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