Thursday, 4 April 2013

Craig Litigation (Settlement) Whytes Companies

The battle of Sevco 5088.

Who would have thought that Charles Green was working on behalf of Craig Whyte or who would have thought that Charles Green would have lied and shafted Craig Whyte out his way. Two different angles, non of them pretty but here's Craig Whytes new companies which he'll go into battle with. 

Craig Whyte has became a director in / started 4 new companies.

Law Financial Limited

Media Litigation Limited

Litigation Capital Limited

Law Capital Limited

All these companies are based in East London.

All these companies were opened on 12th March 2013.

The other director of all 4 of these companies is a company called Gold Mansion Limited.

Gold Mansion Limited is a company registered in Hong Kong. It was incorporated sometime in March 2013. It was formed by Hong Kong Richful Accountants Service who provide "off the shelf" companies.

It is very early days but the naming of the companies suggest that Craig is serious, very serious.

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  1. Simply great research, but you have missed one 'key' point throughout. That is, that Sevco Scotland own the assets. We know that it was required to be a Scottish company for the purpose of the licence, so we know why. The big question is HOW.

    The 'binding agreement' was between Sevco5088 and Duff & Phelps.
    CVA rejected and Green purchased the assets on June 14th.
    On June 14th Resolution 11 was passed by Sevco 5088 giving Green the 'Right to Assign' without shareholder agreement. But did he have shareholder agreemnt to pass this resolution. Craig Whyte claims transfer was illegal.

    Unravel this and we finally understand who actually owns Rangers.