Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Charles Greens hold over the SFL&SPL

So Charles Green set up Kingsbridge Holdings, who offered financial services to footballers, in 2000.  In September Kingsbridge Holdings Plc announced that the acquisition of John Murray has been completed.
John Murray is a leading football focused independent financial adviser based near Glasgow whose clients include Craig Brown, the Scotland Manager, Christian Dailly, Blackburn Rovers & Scotland and also Jack McGinn, President of the Scottish Football Association. They are also the appointed pensions broker to the Scottish Football League and to the Scottish Premier League.
Charles Greens company were pensions brokers for the SFL and the SPL. 
Now Charles Green must have been privy to sensitive information, maybe tax loopholes, off shore accounts. Obviously the good people of the SFL and SPL wouldn't want this information made public.
"Your scratch my back and I'll scratch your back" springs to mind!

I'm not suggesting any wrong doing but it does beg the question.

There is a connection between Kingsbridge and Octopus Investments who own/owned Ticketus.

Kingsbride Holdings were then reformed as PenMc PLC in 2004.

In 2007 a company called CBG Group offered to by PenMc and in 2008 PenMc became a subsidiary of CBG Group.

  • CBG Group PLC main investor is Octopus Investments who own Ticketus.
  • Charles Green was a director of Texas Holdings Limited who were the second largest investors in CBG Group.
  • In this deal the Nominated Advisors and Brokers were Zeus Capital who are now at the helm of Ibrox.
  • In this deal the Registrars were Capita who overseen the share issue at Ibrox.

 Here is a link to the document.

I have added some screen shots for your ease.



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