Friday, 2 November 2012

Octopus on Zeus accounts

So a major share holder in Now Co Rangers has been using Tax Avoidance schemes! Nothing new there.

The man in question is Richard Hughes of Zeus Capital. He has been a director or Secretary of 97 companies.

So is Richard Hughes another cover for Octopus Investments who own Ticketus?

Zeus Capital Report and Accounts

Part 16. Related Party Transactions.

It states Zeus are related to;

  • Medusa Partners LLP ("Medusa")
  • Vindon Healthcare PLC ("Vindon")

First we will look at Medusa.

Medusa is a partnership controlled by Richard Hughes.

Here is evidence that show Octopus are related to Medusa. 

This evidence clearly shows that Octopus have a shareholding in Medusa though a company called Datong PLC.

Now lets look at Vindon.

Richard Hughes is a Director of Vindon

Here is evidence that show Octopus are related to Vindon.

This evidence clearly shows that Octopus took the hit for Vindon falling back. (in finances)

Vindon also uses an EBT scheme.

Both of these companies are named in Zeus Capitals Report and Accounts for 2011! 

Now we know Charles Green resigned from Nova Resources before he took control at Ibrox. Nova were a mining company and so are Medusa, Medusa Mining. Would Charles have met Richard through that? Yes. 

Charles Green and Richard Hughes has been sitting in meeting with each other since 1999.

What does this tell us.

Firstly it confirms and strengthens the connection between Zeus and Octopus.

Secondly, why would only these companies be on Zeus accounts when Hughes has been director or secretary of 95 other. Is it because Zeus are Nominated Advisors and Brokers for Octopus or is it because Octopus actually own Zeus.

I await my IPO prospectus with baited breath.


  1. Interesting to see those names linked like that.
    Are you sure that this is the same Charles Green that we all love so dearly? And the same Richard Hughes?

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  3. Take a look at Datong and you'll see Unicorn Asset Management.

    Seen that name before?

  4. You need to check the Allenby shareholding.Ahmed is shown as selling his shares to the other parties so he has no current shareholding in Allenby. One of the new shareholders is Hoodless Brennan who in a slightly different guise are handling Rangers on line selling.

    Octopus are linked with everybody I am afraid

    Charles Green was definitely not involved in mining in 1999 as he was involved with Sheffield United and Medical Solutions PLC.

    I think you have made some good points although please check out my comments which are meant to be constructive,