Monday, 15 October 2012

The life of Brian

I thought I'd do a quick blog to support this brilliant piece I read on this

So lets look at this guy Brian Stockbridge.

Just remember Octopus own Ticketus and Allenby and Zeus work for Octopus.

15 June 2011

His company Allenby Capital were Brokers and Financial advisors for this deal in which Octopus Investments who own Ticketus were shareholder in.$$ALL&Id=0P00007YZ9&ClientFund=0&BaseCurrencyId=GBP&InvestmentType=E0

It's on Allenby Capitals website.

January 2012

Brian Stockbridge Joins Zeus Capital.

14th Febuary 2012

Rangers go into Administration.

20th Febuary 2012

Brian Stockbridge moves to Glasgow.

15 June 2012

Brian Stockbridge is appointed Financial Director of new company Sevco 5088.

I think we all know what direction the finances are going, Ticketus.

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  1. Brian Stockbridge has not only cheated Rangers out of money but is also cheating on his wife as he's shacked up in London with a woman called Aimee Freeding since early 2015