Saturday, 11 August 2012

Big Eck

So that's it Big Eck's going to give someone a right hander.

"As for stripping titles, it would be very disappointing if that was to happen to Rangers and I don’t believe it should – and if a guy turns up at my door looking for the medals back, they’ll be getting a right-hander!

Light bulb moment !

Why would he comment when he has largely been forgotten about and why make a statement on the same day as David Murray. 

Everyone will admit that when 53 of the EBT beneficiaries were made public Alex McLeish was kind of overlooked. Everyone pointed at Graeme Souness, Walter Smith, Dick Avocaat. 

So lets take a closer look at the transactions between Graeme Souness and Alex McLeish.

Souness. EBT £30,000
Blackburn Rovers 2000-2004 
Newcastle United 2004-2006

McLeish. EBT £1.7M
Rangers 2001-2006

Barry Ferguson from Rangers to Blackburn Rovers 2003 EBT £2.5M

Lorenzo Amoruso from Rangers to Blackburn Rovers 2003 EBT £639,000

Egil Ostenstad from Blackburn Rovers to Rangers 2003 EBT £370,000

Henning Berg from Blackburn Rovers to Rangers 2003 EBT£0?

Jean Alain Boumsong from Rangers to Newcastle United 2005 EBT £630,000

Olivier Bernard from Newcastle United to Rangers 2006 EBT £224,000

Dr Ian McGuinness from Rangers to Newcastle United 2006 EBT £25,400

Total EBT £6,118,000

Now Graeme Souness might only have received £30,000 but he is implemented in a tax avoidance scheme to the tune of just over £6M, which could soon be tax evasion! 

If it is proved to be tax evasion, maybe Souness silence speaks a thousand words.  

Now did Alex know about the EBT scam?

Did use the EBT's as in incentive for players to earn more money?

We will never know the answers but it does look like Alex McLeish had a good friend in Graeme Souness, thanks pal.

Now lets look at the Dundee connection. 

Some of you who will read this will remember Dundee's Financier who would later become a Director who has been making headline of late. 

Alex Rae from Rangers to Dundee 2006 EBT £596,000

Gavin Rae from Dundee to Rangers 2004 EBT £376,000

Nacho Novo from Dundee to Rangers 2004 EBT £1.3M

Zurab Khizanishvili from Dundee to Rangers 2003 EBT £405,000

Total EBT £2,677,000

Big Eck with just 2 teams is into it for £8,795,000.

Of the EBT beneficiaries list on the BBC's website Alex McLeish is responsible for signing 26 of the players on the list. 

The total amount paid to these 26 players was £16,684,328

Including Big Ecks £1.7M the total paid via EBT's during his tenure is a staggering £18,384,328 

So he is going to start giving right handers out! I'm afraid that would be classed as police assault.

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